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22 July 2013 @ 01:38 am

Now is just a point in time

The precise moment where your conciousness exists

Where you crave for the before

Weep for the present

And hope for the future

You wish you could bring him back

Pull him into the now, from where he lies

Leep into the past and change what was

Now is a state of being

Being without him

Knowing he will never again taste our air

Never sing a lullabye, never drum a beat

Never crack a smile, never tweet a tweet

Now he is gone


Grief is like trying to climb a mountain you know you will never get to the top of.

It’s knowing that whatever you do to try and move forward there will be things along the way that will pull you down.

Its feeling the pain, knowing that its never going to leave you.

Some days you may smile and remember the memories, the laughter, the joy. Some days you play ok and cover the tear tracks. And then there are the days when you have no energy left and you succumb to the tears and let the word feel your sadness, your loss and they too will grieve along side you.

I know some people will try and make light of the situation and laugh it off. But grief has no restrictions, It has no rules.

21 July 2013 @ 07:58 pm

For Cory

You considered yourself awkward and tall
But you were the kindest, cutest, wisest of all
Your lopsided grin, your hazel eyes
Could turn an army of screams into loveable sighs
You had charm, you had style with a goofball grace
That you let shine so brightly upon your freckled face
A proud Canadian, Number one Nucks fan
You were one hell of a guy, one hell of a man
You could drum the voices out of symbols and skin
letting yourself go, releasing the animal within
Your voice was soulful, majestic and smooth
Cancelling out your inability to dance or move
One half of Finchel, to us they were endgame
With Rachel Finns wife, and Hudson her last name
One half of Monchele, You were each others heart
But a cruel twist of fate would tear that apart
Because in the end, when all was said and done
You lost your struggle and your demons finally won
On July 13th, to many just an ordinary day
The sun came up and the Angels took you away
The 'if only's' weighing heavy one every mind
That intervention or action could have saved someone so kind
The phrase 'It was his time' hard to stomach hard to take
Because you gone from our world is some heartbroken mistake

An legacy is all that remains one that will never fall
Because its the legacy of a man labelled awkward and tall
And we as your fans, a Montourage that gave you their love
Will keep it alive as you smile and watch from above.


I've always been a supporter of Cory's charity work and the different organisations he gave his heart to. I've donated to Montourage & Virgin Unite, as well as the operation smile foundation.
Today I ordered my Project Limelight necklace.
I will continue to honour his memory by giving what I can and spreading the news. He maybe gone but throughout continued support and dedication he will NEVER be forgotten...

Flirty Duets Project Limelight Tumblr


Today a very good friend of mine told me to write down how i was feeling, so here it is... this is what has been going on in my head the second i heard the news that Cory Monteith had died.

Because life without you will never be the same again...Collapse )

15 February 2012 @ 09:55 am

3.13 Heart

Artie - Let Me Love You
(Blaine & Kurt) New Directions - Love Shack
Hiram & LeRoy Berry - You're The Top
Joe, Sam & Mercedes - Stereo Hearts
Mercedes - I Will Always Love You
Mike & Tina - L.O.V.E
Quinn, Joe, Sam & Mercedes - Cherish/Cherish
Rory - Home

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Happy Birthday! John Lennon...

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28 September 2011 @ 07:51 pm

Calling all Supernatural fans... Please come join in on all things WInchester and Demon ass kicking over at the Addicted to Supernatural Fan page on Facebook...

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